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  • Capture WiFi Credentials with GTC Downgrade

    Many security best practices discourage using corporate credentials such as Active Directory for connecting to wireless network. In this post, I’ll demonstrate just how easy it is for an attacker to capture iPhone user corporate credentials in clear text using GTC downgrade attack Background There are a number of protocols available for 802.1x authentication. However, […]

  • Intune for ISE Engineer

    I speak to many Cisco ISE customers and a lot of them are moving to Intune as their MDM platform. ISE has a robust integration with Intune which is documented in a few different documents. I wanted to put this document together that shows the entire flow of integration with screenshoots to help ISE engineers […]

  • Testing RADIUS from CLI

    When working with RADIUS products such as Cisco ISE, we frequently need to test authentication to validate that our policies are working. The obvious method to perform this testing is to stand up a network device such as a Wireless Controller, Switch or a VPN headend and connect to them using real endpoints. All of […]

  • ISE and F5 AWS Deployment with Terraform and Ansible

    In my first post, I’ll walk through configuration of Terraform and Ansible to fully automate deployment and configuration of ISE nodes behind an F5 Load Balancer with just one command. We will use AWS for this configuration. I plan to add a similar document for Azure in the near future aws.ciscodemo.net domain is used for […]